The Twelve Days of Christmas/ A Pinata for the Pinon Tree


Praise for the 12 Days of Christmas/A Pinata for the Pinon Tree…


Celebrate the holidays with Philemon Sturges’ lively adaptation of the classic Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Instead of leaping lords and drummers drumming, our favorite friends from Reederville bring us cowgirls yodelin’, poinsettias bloomin’, and much more!

This vivacious rendition, accompanied by Ashley Wolff’s vibrant illustrations, features all the joyous characters in the song and a special recipe for bizcochitos, cookies that can be found in every New Mexican home during Christmastime.


This is an adaptation of the well-known carol that follows a similar pattern: animals of ReeDerville, New Mexico are preparing for their holiday celebration. Each day, for 12 days, the badger’s amigos bring some new southwestern touches to the growing celebration, while to the side the badger is baking bizcochitos to serve. From crows to coyotes, cowgirls and kachinas, together they create a very festive night out in the snowy evening.

Not so much about Christmas as about putting together the party to celebrate, this lively, vibrant book is a joy. So many versions of this favorite carol have been created, from the traditional to other regional adaptations; this is a particularly fun and lively version, a festival in itself.¬†Ashley Wolff’s¬†artwork in gouache and pastel brings a warm, festive life to the fun, and gives the reader much to look at.

Families can talk about the plants and animals that live in New Mexico. Which ones do you see in the illustrations, as characters or gifts? How does the gift brought each day add to the festive spirit, and how are those gifts different from the ones in the traditional song?


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