Sample Author Day press release


You can get coverage from your local press by inviting them to cover my visit.

Here is a sample press release you can customize and use:


For Immediate Release: (Insert Date here) 

Contact:  (Put a name, telephone number, and e-mail of someone in charge of hosting the visit) 



 XYZ School to Host Children’s Book Author/Illustrator Ashley Wolff


Nationally acclaimed children’s book author and illustrator Ashley Wolff is coming to ___(Your Town)___ on ___(day of the week)___ to tell students at ___(XYZ School)___ about her work making picture books for children.

Wolff has illustrated over 60 books for children, including Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and six other books in the popular series about a classroom of animal characters taught by a multi-tasking border collie. She illustrated Raffi’s Baby Beluga, the song about the “little white whale on the go,” that has delighted children for two decades.

She is also the author of eleven picture books, including Baby Bear Sees Blue, I Call My Grandma Nana, Stella and Roy Go Camping, Only the Cat Saw, and Me Baby, You Baby.

With a slide show and a lively, interactive drawing demonstration, Wolff shows schoolchildren how to come up with ideas for picture books, and how she takes that concept from imagination to artwork in her studio.

Wolff travels to dozens of schools from Vermont to California every year. Her visit was arranged by (your organization). 

During her stay in (your town), Wolff will be speaking to children in grades __(K- ?)__ at the following schools

For more information about Ashley Wolff’s work, visit her website at 


How to send it:

Newspaper reporters and editors receive their press releases via e-mail.

Where to send it:

Send it to all the local weekly and daily newspapers that cover school events in your community. If the paper is small, address it to the Assignment Editor. If the paper is large, address it to the Features Editor, the person most likely to be in charge of feature stories about people and events in your community. It often helps to call the newspaper, and ask for the name and e-mail address of the Features or Assignment Editor. It doesn’t hurt to send an identical press release to the reporter covering local schools. Find out his or her name, and send the release directly to the reporter.

When to send it:

Timing is important. For a daily newspaper, deliver the press release via e-mail or snail mail to arrive five days before the event. That way, they will have time to decide whether to assign a reporter and a photographer, but not so much time that the story seems too far off for planning purposes. Press releases sent too early often are lost in the shuffle. For a local daily newspaper, consider re-sending the press release the day before the event.


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