Miss B Plans a Circus

As if an all-animal kindergarten weren’t festive enough, Miss Bindergarten decides to put on a circus at school! The to-do list is long, and each student (with first names from A to Z) has his or her own role to play. Kids who loved Joseph Slate and Ashley Wolff’s Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and the other picture books in the series will be happy to see the beloved dog-teacher back in the business of making learning fun. A grand finale featuring Miss B. juggling and hula-hooping on a unicycle with full teacups on her snout is followed by a playful introduction to colors as an encore. Miss Bindergarten’s class is as earnest and exuberant as ever.
Fans of this teaching canine and her class will be delighted with her new lesson plans. Miss Bindergarten and her students, from Adam to Zack, plan and present a circus. As always, everyone gets into the colorful act. Ultimately, all the hard work pays off and the circus is a big hit, especially “the mysterious Jugglebee!” Full-page, animated, brightly colored pictures show all of the activity preceding the big event, from shaping popcorn balls to rehearsing to applying makeup. Final pages give a brief lesson in primary and secondary colors and, as always, there are the class pictures. Following the same successful format as their earlier titles, Slate and Wolff give another stellar performance.
~School Library Journal
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