My Author Day Wish List


My Author Day Wish List 


I will bring my own laptop, digital projector, microphone/sound system, and special drawing crayons. 


I would like your school to provide: 


1. An attentive and well-prepared audience

Students should be familiar with many of my books and will have done some sort of art project before my visit.

2. A really DARK room!

This is essential for showing images and keeping the group’s attention.

3. A nice BIG screen

The bigger the better, even if it is a white wall.

4. A rolling projector cart and/or a Power Strip 

5. A LONG extension cord

I prefer the cord to the side or back, not under my feet as I present.

6. A great BIG easel and drawing pad

I will leave the signed drawings for your school, so the bigger and better the paper, the better souvenir you’ll have.

7. A table (approx 3’x5′) at the front of the room and a chair for my crayons.

8. One or two small bottles of water. 

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