Los Pollitos Dicen/The Baby Chicks are Singing


Ashley Wolff’s “Los Pollitos Dicen/Three Baby Chicks Are Singing,” written is a Spanish and English, has a special place in my heart. A special friend of mine and of my family (Gracias, Z) gave this board book to my then three-year old son…who has learned a quite a bit of Spanish for a blancocito.

Among some native Spanish speakers, “Los Pollitos Dicen” is a song that mothers read to their infant or toddler children at bedtime or just for fun. The traditional song, includes a cute rhythm that stresses the first syllable of the two-syllable, symmetrical prose, goes something like:

“Pio, pio, pio,” dicen los pollitos
Cuando tienen hambre,
Cuando tienen frio…

which translates to:

“Peep, peep, peep,” say the little chicks
When they are hungry,
When they are cold…

Although neither Wolff’s version of the song nor her translation are not exactly “word for word,” “Los Pollitos Dicen/Three Baby Chicks Are Singing” is a cute, durable, and well-illustrated storybook perfect for the “under-four” crowd and their parents. It’s perfect for an English as a second language, Spanish family who want to acclimate their child to English, or for an English speaking family to expose a child to Spanish.

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