Mama’s Milk/ Mama me Alimenta

There’s nothing more natural than a baby nursing from its mother, the inspiration for a moving tale that celebrates the miracle of breastfeeding and  all things maternal.

~Publishers Weekly

Mama’s Milk can be enjoyed as a cozy-up bedtime story, a lovely album of adorable animal babies or as a simple introduction to nursing.

~San Francisco Chronicle

From humans to a variety of aquatic and land animals, Michael Elsohn Ross’s rhyming text describes the different ways that mothers nurse their babies. Presented across spreads or on single pages framed by white borders, the pastel-infused watercolor illustrations tastefully depict the nursing pairs. Each species is identified along with the proper nomenclature for its offspring (monkey and infant, bat and pup, whale and calf). Short factual statements about the highlighted animals are appended–kangaroos have pink milk; elephant calves nurse for two to five years; bear cubs drink from hibernating mothers; human milk helps protect babies from disease. This cozy offering will be welcomed by parents who want to share the joy and naturalness of breastfeeding with their children.

~School Library Journal

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