Doctor Bird Three Lookin’ Up Tales From Jamaica

Here, in a trio of folktales, a top-hatted Doctor Bird uses magical powers plus his own wisdom to teach other creatures important lessons. Working in her characteristic combination of black gesso and rich gouachs, Wolff (previously paired with Gerald Hausman for How Chipmunk Got Tiny Feet) features lush foliage and exotic lizards and monkeys in dark outline and deep, crepuscular colors.

~Publisher’s Weekly

Three stories about a popular Jamaican folktale character. Doctor Bird, a beautiful hummingbird, displays optimism, wit, the ability to work magic, and a penchant for using rhymes and riddles to teach lessons. The handsome full- and double-page paintings are done with black gesso and gouache. …they are charming and beautifully composed, with sprightly animals and lush images of the landscape and the seashore.”

This book is out of print in hardcover but I am selling new, paperback copies here. They can be autographed and personalized.

~School Library Journal

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