Miss B Takes a Trip


Miss Bindergarten sure knows how to show her kindergarten class a good time! Today is field trip day and everyone’s favorite canine educator has quite a few alphabetically enhanced adventures up her sleeve. “Adam’s dad’s a chaperone. Brenda’s mom is, too. Christopher says, ‘Hey, don’t leave yet–a stone hopped in my shoe.'” With her lively, fidgety classroom full of alligators, beavers, and cats, Miss Bindergarten first sets out to visit a bakery, where her eager charges learn how to cut out cookies and squirt pink icing on “scrumptious chocolate cake.” From there, the class goes to the fire station, the post office, the library, and finally, to the park for a picnic. Along the way, each child, in alphabetical name order, discovers something new: “Jessie learns Stop, Drop, and Roll.” “Quentin checks the scale.” Extra-perceptive readers will notice that the shapes Miss Bindergarten posts on her easel at the beginning of the day continue to show up throughout the field trip: circular cookies, rectangular letters, triangular sails in the library book illustrations, and a star on a ball at the park.Joseph Slate and Ashley Wolff are the creators of three other popular Miss Bindergarten titles: Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for KindergartenMiss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten, and Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten. Wolff’s bouncy illustrations perfectly capture the very squirmy, active nature of kindergartners–more than one kindergarten teacher will recognize a few hippos, monkeys, and tigers from his or her own classroom.

Everyone’s favorite canine teacher is back for an alphabetical tour of the community in Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten by Joseph Slate, illus. by Ashley Wolff. The class meets the people who keep their neighborhood going and joins the proceedings, as Danny cuts out cookies at the bakery and Miss Bindergarten herself slides down the pole in the firehouse.
~Publishers Weekly
Miss Bindergarten takes her class on a field trip to a bakery, the firehouse, the post office, the library, and finishes the day with a picnic in the park. In the previous volumes, readers were introduced to the alphabet, counting, and the days of the week. In this book, in addition to reinforcing the alphabet, youngsters are asked to identify various shapes throughout the story, and a special page at the end allows them to check their work. The format is identical to the earlier titles-one or two lines of rhyming text to a page with large, colorful cartoons featuring animals in human dress. Miss Bindergarten, dressed in her sensible but fashionable green jumper and high-top shoes, is energetic and organized throughout the trip. This series is a marvelous introduction to school for young children, who will identify with the action and the characters, and who can look at the pictures and the story in several ways. Learning has never been more fun.
~School Library Journal

 Miss Bindergarten and her kindergarten class are on the road for a field trip, and what a trip it is. The bakery is a sweet stop; the fire station is the place to learn a safety tip and watch Miss Bindergarten slide down the pole. At the post office, the kids learn about stamps, and at the library it’s time for a good book. Then there’s a picnic: the final spread shows the kids, the chaperons, and, of course, Miss B., munching, slurping, sharing lunch on the park green. As with the other three books in the series, this one is made for group sharing. The bright pictures are large enough so everyone can see them, and there’s plenty going on in each spread, either something kids will already have done or wish they had. For an extra bit of oomph, the final spread shows the species-diverse class holding up posters in all the various shapes that they have seen through the day. School-days fun.

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