Miss B’s Wild Day

Miss Bindergarten’s day starts off all wrong. She spills her breakfast, breaks a necklace, and has a flat tire. When she finally arrives in her classroom, everything there goes wrong, too. Water spills onto the floor as a boy tends his bean plant, another child tosses his hat too high and it lands on the mobile, etc. As the children proceed through their routine, they wreak havoc elsewhere in the school, affecting the librarian, the nurse, and the rest of the staff. But after Zach sets the butterflies free, everyone finds that this has been a good day after all. “Sometimes even a wild day turns up something wonderful to see,” says the canine teacher. This tale follows the same alphabet pattern as the previous stories, with adorable animal students from A to Z who are in so many ways like humans. Wolff’s cheerful scenarios are laugh-out-loud funny and wonderfully detailed, and the beautiful monarch butterflies seem to fly off the pages.If you have the other “Miss Bindergarten” adventures, you’ll want this one for her fans. If you don’t have the earlier titles, this would be a fine place to start. 
~School Library Journal

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