Miss B Celebrates the Last Day

Its the end of the school year and theres still a lot to do. Everyone pitches in to clean–pack up dinosaurs in one box, blocks in another–and clear out the shelves. Franny finds three smelly socks. Then theres the farewell party with sprinkler fun and pizza. The students paint rainbows on take-home bags, certificates and awards are given, and theres a final good-bye treat of a penny and a chocolate kiss, The penny for success to come, the Kiss that youll be missed. The rhyming text alternates between what individual students are doing and a summary statement that is the same as the books title. Each of the 26 animal students has a name that starts with the same letter so that the book doubles as an alphabet book. Adam is an alligator, Ians an iguana, Zacharys a zebra, etc. As with other titles in the series, this is a bright and lively book. While there are a few tears shared on this last day, the focus is on the cooperative good cheer of this tightly knit class. This title is sure to become an end-of-year favorite.
~School Library Journal

With plenty of kindergarten books now available, selectors can be choosy. They’ll want this book as well as Virginia Kroll’s On the Way to Kindergarten, reviewed on p.103, about the first day of school. Taken together, the books form an arch over the school year. Slate continues in the same pattern as his previous seven Miss Bindergarten books, fashioning an alphabet around school activities and repeating refrains as the beloved canine teacher celebrates the last day of kindergarten by pawing through the lost-and-found box, playing in the sprinkler with her animal students, and handing out certificates. Humorous details in the illustrations, such as Miss B’s plaid shoes and an owl wearing Groucho Marx glasses and mustache, add to the fun. Subtle touches, including a lion student in a wheelchair, are also a plus.

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