Home Sweet Home

A¬†lovely, tender poem that extols nature’s wonders, calling for blessings upon many things: each flower and tree, bear and hare, whale and snail, ant and cactus plant, stream and moonbeam, etc., culminating in a special blessing for each birth on Earth. The lines of large, clear print are placed in gentle curves upon magnificent double-page spreads that depict, in glowing oils, scenes such as meadows pink with apple blossoms, bears fishing in a foaming river, giraffes and elephants on a tawny African plain, and wild ducks diving in a shimmering pool. Each painting, done with bold lines, rich color, and solid forms, is alive with minute details. Backgrounds include barn swallows soaring, poppies blooming amid stalks of rye, and field mice huddling around their nest. Life is celebrated exuberantly in both text and art .

~School Library Journal

Wolff¬†knows the visual abilities of a young audience; each spread’s focus is on the animal or plant referred to in the text, but children will also take pleasure in the lush background. Special care has been taken to make sure the paired animals and plants, for instance the ant and cactus plant, are part of an environment they logically share.


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