She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain

The beloved folk song bounces and hoots in this expanded version set in a little town in the Southwest where an array of animals awaits a visitor’s arrival, all the while preparing a guest room and a huge fiesta. Wolff’s festive and funny illustrations, done in gouache and pastels, enhance the merriment of Sturges’s rhythmic verses. As the final plot twist unfolds, young listeners who haven’t already joined in will holler along with the last chorus of “Yea! She’s Here!”

-~School Library Journal

In traditional versions of “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain,” listeners wind up pretty certain that someone will be comin’–but who? Suffice it to say that the conclusion, cleverly foreshadowed in Wolff’s gouache-and-pastel artwork, will leave librarians feeling duly appreciated. Sturges’ verses are undeniably rollicking, and they will surely inspire storytime crowds to sing along.


Someone special is coming, and the creatures in this Southwestern village are busy cooking up a fiesta grande to celebrate! Sturges has created a festive and compelling twist on the old folk tune, and kids and adults alike will get swept up in the excitement of party preparations, in Wolff’s fabulously rendered cast of animals, and in the great twist at the end when the visitor’s identity is revealed.

~ Web editor/weekly reader

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