Some Things Go Together

Wolff has created luminous illustrations to go with this reissue of Zolotow’s 1969 text. The poem is still fresh and appealing, as different pairs of things are linked together: “Peace with dove/Home with love” or “Gardens with flowers/Clocks with hours.” The rhythm of the language is soothing, making it a terrific bedtime story. The poem always comes back to the refrain, “you with me,” along with a picture of an adult and child sharing a cozy moment. Featuring vibrant colors outlined in black, Wolff’s paintings are warm and endearing, adding to the feeling of comfort in the text. The artist masterfully combines the two sets of images without overwhelming viewers. For instance, “Sand with sea/and you with me” is illustrated with a father and daughter playing together along the edge of the ocean. The feelings of family love fostered by this book will last long after the last page is turned.

~School Library Journal

The cozy, 30-year-old title gets bright new illustrations from Wolff and is primed for a new generation of children. Tiny couplets ”Pigeons with park/Stars with dark/Sand with sea/and you with me ”accompany richly colored illustrations with an old-fashioned feel. Some of the couplings are quite puckish, as when “Franks with beans/Kings with queens” is illustrated by a boy and girl bedecked in royal robes digging in to that famous dish. ~Kirkus

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