The Wild Little Horse


A colt is filled with curiosity and energy as he explores the world around him. From the barnyard animals to the sandy beaches, his enthusiasm abounds until his parents finally come to lead him home. The rhyming verse reads easily and is interspersed with repeated sounds such as the SWISH, SWISH, SWISH of the horses’ tails and the WHOOSH, WHOOSH of the wind. The illustrations capture all of the youthful exuberance of this young wanderer. With a bright, warm palette of blues, browns, and greens, the lovely landscapes are a feast for the eye. Wolff’s soft-focus artwork includes fields that run to the sea, crashing waves, and a tidal pool full of sea life. The expressive and animated creatures, from chicks to a seal, are very appealing in this idyllic and lively day in the life of an adventurous young equine.

~School Library Journal


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