Who is Coming to Our House?

A beautiful Christmas book. In a simple story told in rhyme by Joseph Slate, stable animals ask “Who is coming to our house?” “Someone, someone,'” says Mouse.” With anticipation, each animal helps to prepare “their house” for the unnamed guests. By nightfall, the stable is readied and the animals welcome Mary and Joseph.

A double-page illustration shows the animals gazing upon the baby Jesus cradled in his Mother’s arms. Wolff uses the same linoleum block and wash technique so effective in A Year of Birds and A Year of Beasts. As in the earlier titles, the unusual perspectives and figures breaking through the black-lined boundaries add to the visual drama. Here, rich earth tones give a sense of the natural humility and love of the stable birth.

~School Library Journal

 ‘Who is coming to our house?’ ‘Someone, someone,’ says Mouse.” In trusting anticipation, the animals ready the stable, cleaning, sweeping, stacking hay, and lining a crib. The visitors are, of course, Mary and Joseph, as we and the animals learn in the book’s closing pages. Simple, cleanly rhyming verses give the text a pleasing cadence, while Wolff’s accomplished block prints convey the gentle friendliness and generosity of the occasion. A quiet, understated rendering of the Nativity, this well-crafted picture book resonates with genuine warmth and spirit.
~Publishers Weekly

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