In the Canyon

Pull on your hiking boots and get ready to see the magnificent Grand Canyon! From Liz Garton Scanlon,  author of the Caldecott Honoree All the World, here is a marvelous celebration of one of our nation’s natural wonders. Experience the Grand Canyon through the eyes of a child who is seeing it for the very […]

Meet Miss Bindergarten’s Class!

    Adam Krupp is an alligator. The name alligator is an English form of el lagarto, the Spanish word for “lizard”, which early Spanish explorers and settlers in Florida called the alligator.     Brenda Heath is a beaver. Beavers are large, nocturnal,  rodents.  Beavers are known for living in water and building dams, canals, and lodges (homes). Christopher Beaker is a domestic […]

Baby Bear Counts One

Fall has arrived in Baby bear’s forest, and the woods are teeming with animals busily preparing for winter. How many animals? Count to ten with Baby Bear as he and Mama get ready for the season’s first snow. Baby Bear Counts One An Indie Next Pick for Winter 2013-2014. The Horn Book says: Wolff’s art (hand-colored linoleum […]

Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

Praise for Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar by Bonnie Lass and  Philemon Sturges… A picture-book adaptation of the familiar childhood game featuring animal characters. Wolff’s distinctive watercolor-and-pen art brings the lively chant to life. The title page shows Skunk taking cookies out of an oven, but by the first page of the story, […]

Who is Coming to Our House?

Praise for Who is Coming to Our House by Joseph Slate… A beautiful book with an insubstantial text. In a simple story told in rhyme, stable animals ask “Who is coming to our house?” “Someone, someone,’” says Mouse.” With anticipation, each animal helps to prepare “their house” for the unnamed guests. By nightfall, the stable is […]

When Lucy Goes Out Walking

   Praise for When Lucy Goes Out Walking… Softly colored double-page illustrations (some with smaller scenes inserted) feature an idyllic small town custom-made for the adventures of a boy and his dog. The breezy text for each month is in the form of modified limericks and perfectly suits the gentle activities. —Booklist   The companionship and love […]

The Wild Little Horse

Praise for A Wild Little Horse by Rita Gray… A colt is filled with curiosity and energy as he explores the world around him. From the barnyard animals to the sandy beaches, his enthusiasm abounds until his parents finally come to lead him home. The rhyming verse reads easily and is interspersed with repeated sounds such […]

Stella and Roy Go Camping

Praise for Stella and Roy Go Camping… Stella and Roy, last seen pedaling around the park, go camping in the mountains with their mother in this attractive picture book. Stella has just learned to read and she comes armed with a book about animal tracks. Her younger brother is hoping to spot a bear. As […]

Splish Splash

Praise for Splish Splash… Sarah Weeks‘ tale of a fish named Chub and his wonderful big tub told in rhyme with colorful illustrations. Who would have thought that a bath could hold a fish, a cat, a bull, a snail, a giraffe, a snake and more? But in they all go, with a tiny bug […]

A Year of Birds

Praise for A Year of Birds… 1984 ALA Notable Book Wolff’s vibrant linoleum block prints, hand colored, bring readers close to Ellie, whose home is visited by birds throughout the 12 months. Wolff identifies the birds, devoting the text to them but telling more in the superb illustrations. …a quiet, lovely book. ~Publisher’s Weekly

The Pen That Pa Built

Praise for The Pen That Pa Built by David Edwards… In this warm display of old-fashioned know-how and family spirit, a blanket is made from scratch—from the shearing to the carding, spinning, dying, and weaving. And it all starts in the pen that Pa built. Told through Ashley Wolff’s vibrant artwork, this illustrated history of […]

The Bells of London

Praise for The Bells of London… Using the same linoleum block technique as in A Year of Birds, Wolff has fashioned, for an old nursery rhyme, splendid illustrations that also tell the story of a girl’s affection for a pet bird. The scene’s rich, flat colors form decorative patterns against areas of opaque black, conveying […]