The Bells of London

Conveying the spirit of bustling Elizabethan London, whose many churches the verses celebrate we learn the story of a girl’s affection for a pet bird. Using the same linoleum block technique as in A Year of Birds, Wolff has fashioned, for an old nursery rhyme, splendid illustrations that convey the spirit of Elizabethan London and her […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas/ A Pinata for the Pinon Tree

Celebrate the holidays with Philemon Sturges’ lively adaptation of the classic Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Instead of leaping lords and drummers drumming, our favorite friends from Reederville bring us cowgirls yodelin’, poinsettias bloomin’, and much more! This vivacious rendition, accompanied by Ashley Wolff’s vibrant illustrations, features all the joyous characters in the […]

Stella & Roy

In the park one Sunday, Stella challenges her younger brother to a race around the lake. Given that she is riding a big-wheel trike while Roy’s toddler-style four-wheeler is pushed rather than peddled (“It was built for coasting,” the narrator explains), Stella’s victory seems certain. But the curious girl is distracted by several natural displays, […]

Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop

This fun twist on a familiar song envisions Old MacDonald as a capable, bespectacled sheep, who’s busy building something “in her shop.” One by one her animal friends and neighbors drop by and take up various tools a hammer: (“with a tap tap here/ and a tap tap there”), a file (“with a scritch scratch here/ […]

Miss B Celebrates the Last Day

Its the end of the school year and theres still a lot to do. Everyone pitches in to clean–pack up dinosaurs in one box, blocks in another–and clear out the shelves. Franny finds three smelly socks. Then theres the farewell party with sprinkler fun and pizza. The students paint rainbows on take-home bags, certificates and […]

Miss B’s Wild Day

Miss Bindergarten’s day starts off all wrong. She spills her breakfast, breaks a necklace, and has a flat tire. When she finally arrives in her classroom, everything there goes wrong, too. Water spills onto the floor as a boy tends his bean plant, another child tosses his hat too high and it lands on the […]

Miss B Stays Home

  On Sunday morning, sad but true, Miss Bindergarten got the flu. “I’m aching and shaking right down to the bone. Tomorrow I fear I shall have to stay home.” Sure enough, Monday morning comes, and Miss Bindergarten’s class is upset to see that their beloved teacher is nowhere to be found. Soon Mr. Tusky […]

Miss B Takes a Trip

  Miss Bindergarten sure knows how to show her kindergarten class a good time! Today is field trip day and everyone’s favorite canine educator has quite a few alphabetically enhanced adventures up her sleeve. “Adam’s dad’s a chaperone. Brenda’s mom is, too. Christopher says, ‘Hey, don’t leave yet–a stone hopped in my shoe.’” With her […]

Miss B Celebrates 100 Days

In honor of the 100th day of kindergarten, each student must bring “100 of some wonderful, one-hundred-full thing!” to school the following day. That night, we see Adam the alligator making a fort of 100 Popsicle sticks, Brenda the beaver falling asleep over her paper chain of 100 colorful loops, and Christopher the cat lamenting […]

Quiero a Mi Papa Porque / I Love My Daddy Because

In both words and pictures, this book introduces animal parents as they care for their young. A simple analogy is set up between a human child’s narration of how he or she is nurtured, and the corresponding behavior among sheep, chickens, pigs, etc., is shown in soft, realistic, full-color illustrations. Sturdy stock pages make these books […]

I Call My Grandpa Papa

When a teacher’s grandfather visits from China, her students—who represent various cultures—present pictures they drew of their grandpas and in short rhymes give the name they use for them and talk about what they “love to do.” The busy, full-page gouache and collage illustrations show the students and their grandpas engaging in a satisfying variety […]

I Call My Grandma Nana

Miss Alexandra May’s grandmother is visiting from China, and her pupils share their pictures and stories about their grandparents. In rhymed, four-line verses, the children tell what they call their Grandpa or Grandma and describe something they enjoy doing together. “My Babu runs the library./He can check out any book/and when he gets the new ones/he lets […]