The Pen That Pa Built

Praise for The Pen That Pa Built by David Edwards… In this warm display of old-fashioned know-how and family spirit, a blanket is made from scratch—from the shearing to the carding, spinning, dying, and weaving. And it all starts in the pen that Pa built. Told through Ashley Wolff’s vibrant artwork, this illustrated history of […]

Quiero a Mi Papa Porque / I Love My Daddy Because

  Praise for I Love My Daddy Because/Quiero a Mi Papa Porque by Laurel Porter Gaylord…  In both words and pictures, these books introduce animal parents as they care for their young. A simple analogy is set up between a human child’s narration of how he or she is nurtured, and the corresponding behavior among sheep, chickens, […]

Mama’s Milk/ Mama me Alimenta

Praise for Mama’s Milk… There’s nothing more natural than a baby nursing from its mother, and this theme serves as the inspiration for a moving tale that celebrates the miracle of breastfeeding. . . An ode to all things maternal. ~Publishers Weekly Mama’s Milk can be enjoyed as a cozy-up bedtime story, a lovely album […]

Los Pollitos Dicen/The Baby Chicks are Singing

  Ashley Wolff’s “Los Pollitos Dicen/Three Baby Chicks Are Singing,” written is a Spanish and English, has a special place in my heart. A special friend of mine and of my family (Gracias, Z) gave this board book to my then three-year old son…who has learned a quite a bit of Spanish for a blancocito. […]

Quiero a mi Mama Porque…/ I Love My Mommy Because

  A sweetly appealing look at how animals care for their young. The opening page of the first book reads, “I love my mommy because she reads me stories,” and shows a boy and his mother curled up in an armchair. The motif throughout I Love My Daddy Because, meanwhile, is “I love my daddy […]

De Colores/Oh, the Colors

    This traditional Spanish folk song is brought to life by the striking artwork of a bestselling illustrator. Musical notation is included, as well as a page that introduces readers to the Spanish and English words for the colors featured in the book. Full color.