Quiero a Mi Papa Porque / I Love My Daddy Because

In both words and pictures, this book introduces animal parents as they care for their young. A simple analogy is set up between a human child’s narration of how he or she is nurtured, and the corresponding behavior among sheep, chickens, pigs, etc., is shown in soft, realistic, full-color illustrations. Sturdy stock pages make these books […]

Mama’s Milk/ Mama me Alimenta

There’s nothing more natural than a baby nursing from its mother, the inspiration for a moving tale that celebrates the miracle of breastfeeding and  all things maternal. ~Publishers Weekly Mama’s Milk can be enjoyed as a cozy-up bedtime story, a lovely album of adorable animal babies or as a simple introduction to nursing. ~San Francisco […]

Los Pollitos Dicen/The Baby Chicks are Singing

  Ashley Wolff’s “Los Pollitos Dicen/Three Baby Chicks Are Singing,” written is a Spanish and English, has a special place in my heart. A special friend of mine and of my family (Gracias, Z) gave this board book to my then three-year old son…who has learned a quite a bit of Spanish for a blancocito. […]

Quiero a mi Mama Porque…/ I Love My Mommy Because

  A sweetly appealing look at how animals care for their young. The opening page of the first book reads, “I love my mommy because she reads me stories,” and shows a boy and his mother curled up in an armchair. The motif throughout I Love My Daddy Because, meanwhile, is “I love my daddy […]

De Colores/Oh, the Colors

    This traditional Spanish folk song is brought to life by the striking artwork of a bestselling illustrator. Musical notation is included, as well as a page that introduces readers to the Spanish and English words for the colors featured in the book. Full color.