Home to Me, Home to You

This¬†story alternates between the point of view of a young girl at home and that of her mother, who’s been away on business for a week. As they describe their individual activities, they both express their excitement that they will soon be together again. What makes this book satisfying is its thoughtful, well-defined structure as the author presents parallels in the actions of the two characters.

When¬†the girl is busy with her play-group friends building tall buildings and an airport out of blocks, her mother is looking out the plane window where skyscrapers and highways diminish to the size of toys. As the youngster takes a nap, so too the woman drifts off to sleep to the plane’s constant rumble. The pictures are bold and immediate but at the same time exude great warmth. Featuring a loving and supportive family, this title will provide comfort to readers who are faced with separation from a parent.

~School Library Journal

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