Me Baby You Baby

As the day dawns, two mothers wake their toddlers (“Stretch baby, yawn baby, here comes the dawn, baby”), and head off for the zoo. The two toddlers discover animal babies (“Warm baby, cold baby, tucked-in-a-fold baby”), snack, run, play, and finally return home with their mothers. After dinner, each washes up and heads for bed, “Sleep baby, tight baby, turn off the light baby.”

The bouncy rhyme scans well and flows naturally. The realistic gouache illustrations, swathed in soft rainbow colors, portray two loving families, one black and one Caucasian, as they move through the day. Sweet but never precious, the art includes details to discover at a second reading. Animals are identified on the verso of the title page, but the stars of the story are the babies themselves.


With its rhythmic text and delicate gouache artwork, this is a delightful book to share with two- and three-year-olds.

~School Library Journal

This book is out of print, but I am selling new, hardcover copies here.

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