Projects and Downloads

Baby Bear Art Projects

Baby Bear lives “deep down in a den.” Make your own Bear Den scenes using paper plates, construction paper, scissors, markers, googley eyes, and glue.    Pop-Up Bear Cave Project     Paper Plate Bear Cave Project You’ll need googley eyes for this one!  

Young Writers Workshop

Dear Young Writer,   I have been making short books, and longer books, for a LONG time. Each book is different, but they are all built of the same ingredients: packets of 8 pages called signatures filled with words and pictures. I hope these tips and tricks help you make more books of your own. […]

Kindergarten “Graduation” Certificates

On Miss Bindergarten’s Last Day of Kindergarten, Miss B gives each of her students a colorful certificate that includes their name, her name and the date. You may download these certificates in real life. There is one in black and white, one in color and one that features the alphabet in hand signs of American […]

12 Ideas for the 100th Day of Kindergarten

100-Day Punch   10 cans Lemon-Lime soda pop 100 maraschino cherries 100 ice cubes Mix in a punch bowl and enjoy!   Heavenly 100 Day Hash 10 bowls containing Cereal-Os, Mini Pretzels, Marshmallows, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, Chocolate Chips, Banana Chips, Cereal Pillows, and Popcorn. Pick 10 pieces from each bowl, Mix together and enjoy!   […]

Picture Book Boot Camp

  Welcome to Picture Book Boot Camp Part One To discuss Picture Books on paper we need a shared vocabulary of terms. For digital Apps and eBooks many of these terms no longer apply. Good stories and pictures remain important, in any medium.   The Physical Book/Outside Every book, no matter the length, is a […]